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motion carpets have a motion picture ribbon

For some people, nothing beats carpet, especially if you want to make your commercial space or home stand out. Throughout its long history, the art and craft of carpeting has absorbed and integrated various cultural traditions.  Traces of Byzantine design can be observed in Anatolian rugs. Ornaments and patterns reflect the political history and social diversity of the area.  However, scientific research has yet to link any particular design feature to a specific ethnic or regional tradition, or even distinguish between nomadic and village design patterns. Karoussos Archives relocates a selection of prestigious motifs from the wall to the floor in order to contribute to the history of carpet as an art piece and reintroduce it to our modern era. The KA carpets transform any space into a cultural haven, from the luxurious opulence of our Color Fields carpets installed in a hotel lobby to the intricate border designs of a large rug displayed in the reception area of a home or on your yacht dock. Every carpet is an original work of art that is placed on your floor rather than on the wall.

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