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Upholstery Fabrics
  Hotels & Yachts

Textiles were not a minor art form for the Byzantines. In fact, it was one of their most beloved and respected arts, an industry in which huge sums of money were invested. It was considered high art on par with painting, architecture, and sculpture and was used by the wealthy to display their social profile. Many Byzantine textiles follow the decorative designs of Byzantine paintings and mosaics, which were characterized by golden backgrounds and bold lines. The conception of the designs has changed radically as this art form has evolved, incorporating elements from the Renaissance to modern art. The innovative concept of the Karousos Archives offers brand-new designs based on Byzantine motifs integrated with modern trends, always respecting our cultural heritage. The collection of hotels and yachts is considered the pinnacle of the modernization of the Byzantine cultural heritage.

Fabrics (hotels & yachts)

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