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OCTOBER 28, 2023

The Mahala Bar at Karoussos Centre has been turned into The Folies-Bergère bar, evoking Manet's masterpiece "A Night at Folies-Bergère." This artwork triggered artistic analysis due to the inconsistencies in the items' placement. From a photographic point of view, it’s possible and very interesting. Maybe the Édouard Manet contemporary critics didn’t have the photographic culture that increase very fast during this period. Two years later, in July 1888 Eastman’s Kodak camera went on the market with the slogan “You press the button, we do the rest” with roll film. So we can consider true the fact photography and new perspective available were still already in the painter's culture. Communication and photographic technology have developed dramatically in the nearly 150 years since. Social media is a major communication channel, and AI-Generated images provide a unique photographic perspective.

Suzon, the barmaid in Manet's painting who was an actual bartender at The Folies-Bergère bar, will be at Karoussos Centre on October 28th to serve you, criticising the opinions of many who labeled her a prostitute. She will be available for social media posts.

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DECEMBER 31, 2023

The fifth floor at 231 East 47th Street, also known as Andy Warhol’s iconic ‘Factory’, was more than just Warhol’s workspace. The original Factory was also known for its large over-the-top parties.  Warhol’s workspace brought in several artists, movie stars, and musicians. If you were invited to one of these Factory parties, you were ''famous for at least 15 minutes''. It's no surprise that the parties were legendary. It was the spot to be.

Warhol's New Year's Eve party revival seeks to shape contemporary pop culture. Based on the Club's selection criteria, only 25 complimentary invitations will be granted. The waiting list is open until November 15, 2023. Our Club members will be given first priority.


Open Call: Bed-in for Culture
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