Karoussos private members club is a community for all things with regards to living and thriving in our contemporary cultural tissue, by bringing art, design, economy, ecology architecture, and spirituality under one roof. We are an exclusive global community of vision and influence in culture. Our state-of-the-art clubhouse is the center for brilliant minds in the cultural sector, to network, upskill, work, and be inspired. Members have access to our unique facilities, the Archive's content, bespoke programs, and cultural events. Our brand licensing program is also available to meet members' business needs.



 Our members are people who generate and search for original perspectives and intellectual challenges, who cultivate themselves endlessly, and who want to enjoy the cultural quality of life.
We take great care in creating an unparalleled cultural community that is inspirational, creative, and forward-thinking.

While we do not discriminate based on race, socioeconomic status, or profession, we are highly particular about character. We will only accept members that display a high level of integrity and demonstrate an ability to contribute to our community. We select personalities from different disciplines in order to promote cultural diversity.

We have a small group of board of directors in charge of member election, consisting of our founding members. Each of our members is vetted and specially selected. As a member, you will be surrounded by an extraordinary mix of people and personalities. Our corporate members come from public and private entities and enterprises with a strong profile in social responsibility, sustainable development, and cultural prosperity.


Members have exclusive access to work, meet, network, and recharge in our special facilities. Start or upgrade your corporations in our spectacular outdoor areas, meeting rooms, and replenish at our juice & coffee bar on the Mahala coffee bar or on the Al Fresco Terrace.


The club boasts unrivaled cultural, social, and motivational programming, guided and participated in by cultural experts.
Immerse in a community that motivates, inspires, grows, and plays. This allows members to tap into the knowledge and minds of top-notched cultural advisers, artists, motivational speakers, etc.


We are seeking constantly to affiliate with enterprises that provide high-quality services, such as hotels, restaurants, galleries, and other organizations to offer to our members, services in-house or outside of our member-only sanctuary, both on a local and international level. 


Taking inspiration from a century of Byzantine art as well as from our meticulously designed products, our experienced team provides a tailor-made service. We support our licensees through the design process to create beautiful ranges for the contemporary market. We also offer marketing and branding support, collaborating closely with our licensees to build engaging campaigns, to tell fascinating stories from the Karoussos Archives.


Creative cultural management
of Byzantine art & culture