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Ομαδικές κρατήσεις Μόνο έως 10 άτομα

(τουλάχιστον 4 άτομα/ ανά ομάδα)


Ξεναγήσεις από 35€ το άτομο

The Karoussos Center will be closed for renovation until September 13, 2024.

Admissions and Timetable

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Reservations for both Free Passes and Guided Tours are required at least one week in advance of the visit.


(15 June - 15 September)

Friday             10:00-13:00    19:00- 21:00


Saturday        10:00-13:00    19:00- 21:00


Sunday          10:00-13:00

What to See and Do 

What to look forward to during your visit.

The Museum 

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The Interactive tour

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The Place

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The Chapel

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See dining options 

How to reach The Karoussos Center


Kato Verga, 24100 Kalamata, 

Peloponnese, Greece

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Unfortunately, due to the cobbled streets, mobility-impaired visitors cannot reach the center.          We would like to apologize and assure you that we are working on it.

Terms and Conditions


​ - We would like to welcome everyone to enjoy the peacefulness of the Chapel, the Center, and nature. We ask that all visitors take care to respect the sacred environment by following these guidelines:

  • Respect the silent, contemplative atmosphere 

  • Help preserve the works of art by maintaining a safe distance.

  • Leave all food, liquids, and large bags outside the Chapel and the Art Collection areas. 

- While enjoying the environment follow the guidelines below: 

  • Please refrain from climbing, littering, smoking, using glass and plastic containers, fires or grills, amplified music, and motorized vehicles, around the village.

  • Advance permission is required for events, gatherings, and commercial photography.

  • Mind that the cobbled pathways of the village require appropriate shoes, such as sneakers or any other flat type.

  • Leave all your waste at the Center's garbage cans, keeping the environment clean.​

- The Center and the Chapel have a maximum capacity of 10 people in a time slot. The nature of the tours requires peacefulness, and therefore large groups are avoided. 

- Children under the age of 12 must present their tickets, however, admission to the guided tour is free.

- Bookings are to be made online. In case of guided tour cancellation a 24h notice, before the tour date is required, otherwise, the amount is non-refundable.


- Transportation to and from the Center is not provided. If your hotel is affiliated with Karousos Center and you are booking as a group, refer to the hotel's concierge, to book a shuttle bus. 

All details are to be sent well in advance before your visit. 

-The only way to get to the center is on foot. Guests arrive at a parking lot, where a Karoussos Center staff member awaits to pick them up and begin the tour. We will provide you with all the necessary information following your reservation.

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