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The Museum

Come explore and discover the wonders of our museum 

The Fresco Hall

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In the Pompeian-style hall, the frescoes of the late painter Iannis Karoussos blend seamlessly with the surroundings, creating the sense that you have stepped into the Roman Villa of Mysteries.

The Blackboard Hall

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The ground level of the old Maniot house has a unique and immersive character, thanks to its architecture and materials. Originally used as a stable, the space now features blackboards which through augmented reality transport visitors to the churches where the monumental paintings of Iannis Karoussos are located. It's an unforgettable experience combining history, art, and technology.

Abstract Expressionism

The Hybrid Chapel

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The chapel's hybrid frescoes are a world-class masterpiece that provides insight into the village's rich past. They are the first in the history of monumental art and are based on Iannis Karousos' famous work and recreated by the Karoussos Archives. Visit the chapel to witness this magnificent work of art and the cutting-edge cultural heritage preservation.

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